Complete automatic foundry molding line


Subject: Complete automatic foundry molding line
This offer is for a COMPLETE GREEN SAND FLASKLESS AUTOMATIC MOLDING SYSTEM. INCLUDING:: HUNTER Automatic Molding Line, With Hunter HMP-18C Automatic Molding Machine, Serial Number D89D1016, 18" X 20" Molds, Allen Bradley PLC Controller, Bottom Board Return System Including Bottom Boards, Mold Shuttle Conveyor, Mold Transfer Conveyor, Mold Loading Device into HUNTER Model HV18R 3 LEVEL Stacking Type Turntable, With Weights and Jackets, With Mold Push Off, Including SIMPLICITY Shakeout Machine 32"W X 13' Long. SPARES Include Automatic Core Setter, Spare Flask, Over $25,000 of New Spare Electrical Parts. All Books, Manuals, and Drawings Included. Molding Line was installed new in Year 1990 and has been removed and in our Solon, OH Warehouse. Markings and Drawings for Re-Installation is Included. Don't lose this GREAT Opportunity for a state of the art foundry molding line. New Replacement Value for this equipment would be more than $650,000 usd!!!