Complete 4" probe station kit w. scope micropositioners


Subject: Complete 4" probe station kit w. scope micropositioners
MINI Probe Station kit for use with 4" or smaller wafers, complete with Stereo Zoom microscope with illumination, 1 pair of micropositioners, probe holders, and 1 box .
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This Probe Station is intended for academic research in a university lab. It will be equally well suited for any situation with space and/or budget constraints. While small it still offers most of the capabilities of larger units.
* Compact size, 320 wide x 320 deep x 400 mm high (12.5" x 12.5" x 16"), that includes the scope
* Low weight, 44 lbs with scope
* Ideal for small wafers, 4" or less
* Chuck stage front and side adjustable
Close-up view of chuck area, showing X-Y and theta adjustments.
* 4" stainless steel vacuum chuck
* Chuck stage allows 3" x 3" travel in X-Y directions
* Chuck theta is adjustable by 30 degrees
* Left and right platen allow placement of up to 6 manipulators
* Footprint: 320 x 320 mm (12.6" x 12.6")
* Height with scope installed: 400 mm or 15.7"
* Net weight with microscope: 20 kg or 44 lbs
* 1 year manufacturer warranty
* 14X - 90X total magnification
* 110 VAC - 60 Hz main outlet
* 7 liter/min 250 mmHg vacuum supply
* Chuck Stage: Push to Position
* Chuck Stage: Vacuum assisted movement
* Microscope tilting mechanism +
* Quick right angle switchover
* Adapter for Light Intensity / Wave Length measurement
* Low current / capacitance probes
* Holder for Packaged Devices
* Instrument case with caster
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This is a new part and comes with full manufacturers warranty.
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* 1 x Probe Station base unit
* 1 x Stereo Zoom microscope
* 1 x fluorescent ring light light
* 2 x screw style tip holder
* 1 x box (10) of probe tips