Compact storage system space saving shelving system


Subject: Compact storage system space saving shelving system
Attention All Healthcare & Business Professionals
Save the Space & Save Your Time
Are you ready to save Time and Money?
We are pleased to be selling these used but in very good condition, Compact Storage Systems High Density Storage Systems. There are a total of 21 shelving units. They can be broken down into 4 different groupings. They all were purchased in 2002 by a Medical firm and have been in use since their installation. The firm has now switched over to all electronic filing systems and are selling these great systems at a liquidation price. Each system came from Compact Storage Systems which has a web-site at which you are able to view so you can see the quality involved in these shelving systems.
Most medical or professional office records don't get their own room - they're out front where they can crowd the staff and maybe get a bit unsightly. Compact Storage Systems' High-Density Shelving creates a clean, professional and spacious front-office while putting records at your finger tips. Lateral rolling systems also eliminate wasteful aisles but keep lots of material in plain sight. Start with a fixed, wall-anchored row, and add up to 2 depths of individual sections which roll side-to-side in front of it. Ideal for narrow areas and higher access operations with nearly half of the media is visible at all time
Cut your storage lease costs by at least half
Put material in half the search area, cutting retrieval costs and time
Keep materials perfectly organized with all indexing visible
In environmentally controlled archives, give you half the area to build and maintain pay for themselves.
Reduce or eliminate off-site storage and retrieval fees
The entire collection of shevling units were bought for over $12,000.00. The entire group contains the following. There are 9 Wall mount or Back to Back Units which each contain 7 Shelves and are approx. 3 feet wide. There is a 4 unit fixed with a 3 unit sliding section in front of it as well as a 3 unit fixed with 2 unit sliding in front. These last two sections have all of the floor sliders included. We are selling the entire set for $2,500.00 or best offer which is half of what the original price was. If you are interested in part of the set then you can look at our other listings or call direct. Thanks for your consideration.
For further information on the other available groupings or for specific information of space required or any other concern please contact Mrs. Roman, The medical group's Administrator at and hit extension 223.