Commercial gelato machine


Subject: Commercial gelato machine
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share my philosophy about Gelato,
"Gelato is great and can contribute to the profitability of most establishments. I have a problem believing that it can be profitable on its own so therefore I would never suggest spending over $25000 on any gelato undertake."
In other words I believe in gelato in being a member of a team but not "the team". This machine is the lowest professional/commercial form in which you can attempt to make gelato profitably for your operation. It produces 1 quart per batch and between 8 and 10 per hour. It may seem to you quite low however when you consider that in ounces (your average serving is 3) we are talking about 250 to 350 per hour. It all translates to 80 to 100 servings. I know that you wish to sell many times that but unfortunately quite often that is not the case, and even the sale of this would generate over $300 a day and if gelato is a part of an operation it's something to be proud of generating that much money.
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