Commercial gelato ice cream batch freezer


Subject: Commercial gelato ice cream batch freezer
Gelato Ice cream Granita Sorbetto Batch Freezer Machine
If you are in the market for a gelato Batch Freezer, and you have been talking to one of the majors, it's time you take a look at this machine. This has been in production in Italy for over 10 years and it's success is legendary. No, we are not talking about Carpigiani yet we are not talking about a 25 thousand dollar price tag either. We made a lot of friends with this machine and we intend to make lot more in future. Besides, if you were going to the other machine because it had a variable overrun, this machine will put all the others to shame because it gives you the ability to control the overrun from 1% to 100%. I know you may have lots of questions on the strong statements I have just made.
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