Commercial chocolate tempering & moulding machine 15KG


Subject: Commercial chocolate tempering & moulding machine 15KG
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" Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions , a lure for lovers , the indulgence of the rich and later, the favorite of the masses ."
Mol D'art produces moulding and tempering machines containing 15, 50, 75 and 100 kg, constructed out of high quality stainless steel and equiped with an electronic temperature regulation. These machines are easily transformable into truffle or enrobing lines using necessary attachments.
This excellent machine of the highest quality will help the professional chocolatier for melting , tempering en moulding his/her chocolate.
The purpose of tempering chocolate is to pre-crystallise the cocoa butter in the chocolate, which is related to the working temperature of the chocolate. During tempering, the cocoa butter in the chocolate changes into a stable crystalline form. It ensures the hardness, shrinking force and gloss of the finished product after it has cooled. If the chocolate is melted in the normal way (between 40 and 45 °C) then left to cool to working temperature, the finished product will not be glossy. If you make the effort of using a special way of bringing chocolate up to the right working temperature, you are guaranteed to get the desired end result. And that is what we mean by tempering: bringing chocolate up to the right working temperature so that there are sufficient stable crystals.
Which chocolate needs to be tempered ?
* All chocolate should be tempered before you use it to mould/pour, to use for creating blown figures, for coating cakes or pralines. In short, whenever chocolate needs to have a perfect sheen and be hard.
* When you add chocolate to dishes to add flavour (when preparing mousses or Bavarian creams for instance), it usually suffices to melt the chocolate. Tempering is not required in these instances. All recipes will indicate clearly if the chocolate should be tempered or not.
* tempers up to 15 kg chocolate
* very accurate and adjustable temperature in °C
* Stainless steel food grade disc
* machine in high quality stainless steel
* wheel with adjustable speed
* Removable disc and stirring arm (to clean for example)
* Left and right rotation of the disc
* Silent working - no chain transmission
All available machines comply with the international standards of security regulations and are approved by the food industry.
Every machine leaving the production hall of Mol d'Art has passed an extensive test on endurance and reliability.
A maintenance agreement is optional and possible.
We offer you a 3 year guarantee!
Mol d'art is for more then 20 years a worldwide famous name in the world of chocolate machinery. With clients like Godiva, we're your partner for chocolate machinery!
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