Commercial chocolate fountain CF1500 giles & posner


Subject: Commercial chocolate fountain CF1500 giles & posner
Your shop for delicious Belgian specialities!
" Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions , a lure for lovers , the indulgence of the rich and later, the favorite of the masses ."
Giles & Posner offers a growing portfolio of stylish, well-designed and easy-to-assemble Chocolate Fountains at price points to suit all business budgets and capable of serving between 40 and 1500 guests.
Height of Centre Column with Top Hat
Ideal for coffee shops, caf├ęs and restaurants - it will serve between 40-150 people.
Simple tier positioning and detachable bowl ensures it is exceptionally easy to use frequently.
Holds up to 5kg of chocolate for dramatic flowing effects and long lasting food service without frequent refills.
Operates with minimum of 3kg of chocolate, reducing potential waste.
Simple tier positioning for fast assembly.
Unique direct drive motor - no risk of belts breaking or slipping in mid-event.
Unique detachable power cord for added safety.
Flat membrane controls and single cast stainless steel tiers for improved food hygiene.
Total peace of mind through comprehensive maintenance support package.
How a Chocolate Fountain works
Most of our Chocolate Fountains are made of three parts - a base unit containing the bowl, heater and motor, a spiral drive and a tier system.
You prepare the chocolate separately by melting it in a microwave or on the hob over a low heat. You then pour it into the bowl in the base unit. The spiral drive draws the warm chocolate up to the top of the tier system - and then the enticing cascade starts to flow over the tiers with its irresistible warm chocolate aroma. It pours back into the bowl and then starts its journey all over again.
Once the chocolate is in full flow, everyone can start to dip the food of their choice - anything from exotic fruits and profiteroles to marshmallows and biscuits. And remember the Fountain works equally well with sauces other than chocolate, including savoury ones. For something completely different try a warm fruit coulis or a cheese, barbecue or sweet chilli sauce.
When it comes to quality chocolate fountains and new eating experiences, Giles & Posner is the only name you'll need
At Giles & Posner they're passionate about food - and they're passionate about bright ideas too. So they started by taking the Chocolate Fountain concept and refined it - and the result is a stylish, fast-growing range of well-designed, high-quality, high-reliability chocolate fountains.
So if you want to discover the experiences of tomorrow today
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