Commercial "carezza" pasta ravioli machine


Subject: Commercial "carezza" pasta ravioli machine
Sooooooo many restaurants that pride themselves for freshness could enjoy the flexibility of being able to make fresh pasta with this machine. Till now you thought it was impossible to undertake such a project but this makes it soooooo affordable. Many restaurants feel that when they start making fresh pasta all their pasta needs should be made from one machine. I disagree. I think the two most important items to make fresh are fettuccini and lasagna. You can be very creative with those two items. You can have many many versions of fettuccini. With water or egg whites only (cholesterol free) with whole eggs you can advertise them as egg fettuccini. You can also make these fettuccini from a number of flours such as semolina,white flour, durum flour and whole wheat. So as you can see if you add the colors you will get probably hundreds of types of fettuccini. You can open even a restaurant that offers fettuccini only in many versions!! As for lasagna, the same goes also for this. In addition though you make the sheets for ravioli that can comprise another big segment of the menu.
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