Colorvision CFS100 colorfacts professional software


Subject: Colorvision CFS100 colorfacts professional software
Datacolor ColorFacts Professional Software
Datacolor ColorFacts Professional Software ONLY
Datacolor ColorFacts is an easy-to-use color calibration software system for analyzing and optimizing the performance of video display systems. The system consists of hardware and a software component. The software runs on a computer and displays the analysis results on the computer screen. The results can be saved as files or can be printed, if desired.
With an intuitive, configurable, full-color user interface, Datacolor ColorFacts Professional reduces the time required to accurately calibrate almost any display. It enhances realism by extending highlight and shadow detail. It calibrates the display to the entire video chain-all the way from DVD to screen. It realizes the film directors original version by using the same
industry standard. Displays calibrated by ColorFacts will display a higher- quality image with more detail in the picture. The colors will be more natural and lifelike. The text will be more legible with no colored outlines.
ColorFacts is recognized by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), an organization dedicated to promoting professional video standards and educating the industry in the importance and the proper techniques of video calibration.
* Integrates directly with test image DVDs (Avia, Video Essentials, PF Test Disc).
* Integrates directly with signal generators
* GretagMacbeth Eye-One Monitor (w/ spectral graphing)
* GretagMacbeth EyeOne Display
* GretagMacbeth/McMahon LightSpex (intentionally disabled)
* PhotoResearch PR-650 (with spectral graphing)
* ColorVision Spyder (originally resold slightly modified as the "Optimagery Sensor").
* Minolta CL-200 handheld chroma meter
* Minolta CS-100A through-the-lens colorimeter
* Minolta CA-210 LCD "box" colorimeter
* Minolta CA-100 colorimeter
* Minolta CS-1000 1 nm resolution spectroradiometer (with spectral graphing).
* Milori Trichromat-1 (rebranded Sequel Imaging Chroma 4)
* Generic, non-password protected Sequel Imaging Chroma driver (supports Sencore ColorLabs probes cp-288 and cp-5000).
* Progressive Labs password protected CA-1 (intentionally disabled)
* OCLI MicroPac (not commercially available, intentionally disabled, with spectral graphing).
* Manual Meter (values may be typed in from any instrument for which XYZ or xyY values are obtainable).
* Simulated Meter (a "smart" random number generator produces software generated readings for display).
* Each meter can be independently turned "on" or "off" with registration settings that are centrally controlled.
* Signal generators supported by ColorFacts Professional:
* Sencore VP400, 401, 402, 403
* QuantumData 802 series
* External test disc (Avia, Video Essentials, PF Test Disc)
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