Collins r-390 military/ham receiver


Subject: Collins r-390 military/ham receiver
This is a working collins r-390 radio that w3hmrestored. I sent this unid back to Howard Mills, w3hm in W.V. this summer and I went back and picked it up in Oct He repainted and relettered the front, powdercoated the top/sides/bottom, put new power cord on that dose not use the pain in the a____ filter that gives one headacks with gfi outlets, replaced falty parts, and did realiment to the radio. Please note that i am also listing a r-391 with the same sn. I had hopes of keeping this unit, but with health i will be selling off most of my keeper radios along with the stacks of radios that were going to be my fun to redo.This is sn 277, the same as the r-391 that is listed . S&H $135.00 DOUBLE BOXED