Coherent ultima labmaster and LM100 100W detector


Subject: Coherent ultima labmaster and LM100 100W detector
Coherent Ultima Labmaster and LM-100 Air Cooled 100W Thermopile Sensor
Includes Ultima Labmaster measurement system, LM100 air cooled thermopile sensor for measuring up to 100W, and manual.
The Ultima LabMaster™ is a comprehensive two channel laser power and laser energy measurement and analysis system for CW, single-pulse and repetitive-pulse laser measurements. CW beam powers can be measured with thermopile and semiconductor sensors. Pulsed beam energies can be measured for single-shot events (pyroelectric and thermal sensors) and for repetition rates up to 400 Hz (pyroelectric sensors) with a display update rate of 3 Hz. The average power of repetitively pulsed beams can be measured and displayed as watts with thermopile sensors (>10 Hz), and pyroelectric sensors (1-400 Hz). Data can be displayed on the large LCD display with digital, strip chart and analog-bar presentations and logged to memory, a printer, or the RS-232 and IEEE 488 ports. LabMaster features a complete statistics package for power and energy analysis, including minimum, maximum, median, standard deviation, two sigma, trending, histogram and RMS noise. Compatible sensors are pre-programmed with linearity, wavelength and sensitivity factors during factory calibration, so that they can be interchanged quickly and easily.
Any two power or energy sensors can be used at the same time. The readings of the two sensors can be displayed together, separately, added, subtracted or as a ratio. The position of the beam on the sensor can be displayed (thermal sensors only) and alarms can be set to monitor the power/energy and beam position. Signal offsets can be set to eliminate background signal or allow the monitoring of small fluctuations of a larger signal.
Coherent Thermal SmartSensors are used with the Ultima LabMaster and FieldMaster-GS to display position of the incident beam on the sensor disk, in addition to measuring laser power. This information allows the user to safely and precisely align the sensor and the beam being measured. This is particularly useful for non-visible beams. These air-cooled, surface absorbing sensors are intended for measurement of low to medium power pulsed and CW lasers from the 10 mW to 100 W power range. Convection cooling makes them simple to operate as well as mechanically compact.
See product description and spec sheet at for the detector head and for the Ultima Labmaster detection system.
This item is slightly used, in perfect working condition and good physical shape.