Coffee roaster - commercial - automatic.


Subject: Coffee roaster - commercial - automatic.
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The automatic controller, turns on the heating element and roasts the beans. When finished the computerized system turns off the heating and turns on the cooling system - Fresh Roasted coffee ANYONE can master in minutes!!!
220/240V 50/60Hz SINGLE PHASE 7 AMP
This machine is designed to answer the daily needs of coffee serving establishments, for fresh coffee roasting.
Our roasters have a special emphasis on making the roasting process as user friendly as possible
* The clever design - eliminates the need for complex installation
* Small space required - the machine is designed for counter top placement
* Elegant, classic look and feel that suits a specialty fresh coffee selling business
In-house coffee roasting allows for private label and special blends to be created at will, under the strictest quality control - the roastmaster's own.
Espresso bars and coffee shops that roast coffee in-house also benefit from dramatic cost saving and increase in product freshness and quality.
* Industrial, heavy duty build, using a combination of high carbon steel, stainless steel, polished cast aluminum/brass parts and details. Automotive-grade lacquer finish is used on all metal parts.
* Composed entirely of industrial-grade components – gear motors, blowers, bearings, heating elements. Every part was incorporated in the design to ensure long service life, with minimal downtime and maintenance. In fact, the machine core is designed to last a lifetime.
1.0Kg (2.2lb) professional roaster featuring:
* Ultra Compact - Small Footprint for countertop placement
* Professional sample puller - for sampling beans without interrupting the roasting process.
* Sight glass - for visual inspection of roasted beans inside the drum
* Removable stainless steel bean pan - for easy dispensing, cleaning and sanitary.
* Thermometer – visible from the outside, sampling through direct contact with the coffee beans – an invaluable tool for successful roasting.
* Heavy duty professional drum – constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel, double agitated with agitation blades for the most even roasting results in the industry.
* Extra Value - Roaster comes with an external chaff collection cyclone to allow for all day roasting without having to empty chaff collector
* Unique feature - both roasting and cooling phases are accomplished within the same drum.
100% electric - coffee shops and small roasters, won't have concerns associated with using gas or propane appliances in a retail environment. Machine requires 220V/6.5AMP wall outlet.
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Member of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)
I’m not just another re-seller - I am a coffee roaster.
Warranty - Roaster comes with a one year warranty and are owner serviced.
Hand Made - These are hand made machines. All orders are processed in the order they are received.