Codman mails cmc ii bipolar esu electrosurgical unit


Subject: Codman mails cmc ii bipolar esu electrosurgical unit
Codman Mails CMC II Bipolar ESU Electrosurgical Unit
Codman Mails CMC II Bipolar ESU. Minimal tissue charring, reduced vessel perforation, bipolar cutting, minimal TV and monitor interference and total surgeon control.
Designed to significantly improve the bipolar coagulation technique, especially for microsurgery.
A computer generated waveform provides gentle clean coagulation with a minimum of tissue charring, neuromuscular stimulation and vascular perforation.
The computer generated waveform also provides bipolar cutting. Tissues can be precisely cut and divided in wet field. Because there is minimal current spread, damage to surrounding tissue is controlled.
Flow controlled irrigation the right amount of fluid to the field, from less than 6cc to 30cc per minute. Precise fluid delivery at the tips of the forceps.
Controlled heat and current spread - Precise delivery of fluid to the coagulation site keeps tissues cool and moist.
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