Codman 83-1340 steerable laryngoscope


Subject: Codman 83-1340 steerable laryngoscope
Codman 83-1340 Steerable Endoscope/Laryngoscope.
Excellent Condition. High quality fiberoptics provide a 5-50 mm depth of field. A 90° field of view in the air and 64° field of view in water deliver enhanced imaging for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Steerability affords scope tip articulation of 100°/160° for enhanced maneuverability around anatomical structures. Ideal working length of 38 cm, with 10 cm markings and 4 mm diameter, allows efficient maneuverability during the procedure.
Large working channel of 3 French (1 mm) accepts various instruments such as the Codman ME2 (Micro Endoscopic Electrode) and Codman flexible endoscopic instruments. 38mm length, 4mm shaft diameter.
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