Coats 9000 commerical tire changer


Subject: Coats 9000 commerical tire changer
Like New Coats 9000 Tire Changer
Machine panels removed. Cleaned Serviced and Ajusted. Pressures checked to specifications. Painted as needed
1500 PSI Clamping Pressure Maintained Over Night
Unit Mounted & Dismounted Tires
Panels Has Some Forklift Damage
This heavy duty changer can accommodate tube
or tubeless tires with rim diameters from 15" to 44".
• Easy-to-use swing-arm houses all hydraulic controls, with a dedicated lever for each powered function.
• Self-centering hydraulic clamping chuck .
• Adjustable pressure regulator ensures proper matching of chuck pressure to rim strength.
• Heavy, tapered roller bearings, and a dual direction hydraulic motor provide smooth torque.
Download Operating Instructions
Freight Included In The Continental US