Coats 8000 a tire changer-same as the corghi super 52L


Subject: Coats 8000 a tire changer-same as the corghi super 52L
Heavy Industrial Tire Machine
Machine Tightened Where Needed
All Electrical Control Circuits Repaired as Needed
All Functions Operating as Should
The COATS 8000A provides complete service coverage for both tube-type and tubeless tires. It's single-operator, easy-to-use design delivers enough brute strength to change off-highway tires without sacrificing the finesse to handle delicate steel or even aluminum over-the-road wheels without damage.
* Two hydraulic circuits and a self-centering chuck are the keys to its versatility.
* A low-pressure circuit is equipped with a gauge to match clamping pressure to any style wheel.
* A high-pressure circuit powers all other machine functions.
A portable remote control center moves the chuck up, down, fore and aft - the operator's toughest job is simply rolling the tire onto the deck.
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