Cnc series sb 20000 substrate breaker


Subject: Cnc series sb 20000 substrate breaker
New CNC SB2000 Substrate Breaker!
* Tool Singulates Pre-scored ceramic substrates mounted on frames/films
* -Has Vision system for alignment, theta correction, street dimensions and mapping
* -Align Station has x2 CCD cameras for alignment and mapping with x2 monitors
* Capacity: One substrate film frame
* Travel: 90 degrees
* Drive: Servo motor
* Accuracy: 1-3 arc minutes
* Position Sensor: High resolution rotary encoder coupled to motor
* Index speed: 50 degrees / sec
* No. of Axis: 2 servos and 5 steppers
* Drive: Servo with encoder
* Speed: Programmable to 12"/sec
* Main CPU: Intel PC with hard drive
* Control: MEI servo and I?O Interface
* Vision: CCD camera with vision image board
* Electrical: 110V 50/60 HZ 12 AMP
* Size: 28"W X 64" L X 70" H
7 Day Right to Return Upon Receipt
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