Cnc router table 4X4 wood art signmaking luthier more


Subject: Cnc router table 4X4 wood art signmaking luthier more
Signmakers, Woodworkers, Craftsmen
When it comes to Light Industrial CNC Router Tables, DynaCNC is second to none. Superior design and Function to other CNC router tables on the market today.
We only use top grade materials, we machine our parts utilizing the latest CNC technology. We understand how important it is to own a machine that is of high quality and tolerance.
Our machines are not only fast, they use the highest quality systems. Our propritory cutting edge servo motor drives are very powerful, delivering superior power to all 3 axis. This CNC system is all inclusive. All you have to add is your computer, creativity, and the router of your choice. Don't trust those old fashion welded steel frame systems that will vibrate, rust away, and fall apart in a few short years! If you have ever flown in a Jet Liner you have trusted Bolted Structural Alumimum Frames with your LIFE! Our machines are built with Anti-Vibration Structural Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Trust our strength like you trust a commercial aircraft. Strong and reliable. If they built aircraft with welded steel they would vibrate apart and fall out of the sky!
(Click Here for example - PDF File) FAST, RELIABLE, HIGH TOLERANCE, & REPETITIVE So if you are serious about a machine that is a CUT ahead of the competition, Here it is !
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Please read about this great machine and our policies.
DynaCNC DLI4848 Normally: $14499.00
* Travel: X 48"+ Y 48"+ Z 6.5"
* Footprint 68 wide" x 62" deep x 35"
* Structure is CNC machined 6061 aluminum and extrusions
* X uses 2 x 20mm precision ground cnc linear rails and Y axes uses 25mm precision ground cnc linear rails/blocks (X and Y axis have 4 precision bearing blocks each)
* Z axis uses 2 linear bearings on .75 DIA 440 hardened Stainless Steel Round Bars.
* X & Y axes rack and pinion with Large Precision 440 hardened Stainless Steel Drive Shafts
* Z axis 1/2" - 10 turn (0.1" pitch) Stainless Steel Acme Lead screws
* Z axis is direct drive coupling
* Anti-backlash Acetal Nut on Z
* Powerful NEMA 34, stepper motor system
* Mounting adapter for Porter Cable router or equiv.
* FREE Software: Professional Cutting Software PCI controller card, List: $1095. This is included for free with the machine. This package is used on $30K plus machines!!!
We come to you to train your staff for 2 days.( optional )
We offer 90 days of free tech support on all of our machines. After 90 days if you feel you still need tech support we offer maintenance packages for one year at a time.
We try to always deliver on time and as promised.
hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm PST
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