Climatechanger trane airhandler heat exchanger humidity


Subject: Climatechanger trane airhandler heat exchanger humidity
2hp Modular Climate Changer Trane Air Handler Heat Exchanger Fan Filter Humidifier.
The fan is driven by a 2 horsepower 3-phase motor.
The water inlet and outlet are about 1.25 inch ID.
The input area is about 44" by 27" (cut back to 24" with a sheet metal piece as shown below). The unit is about 71 inches in total length.
In addition to the air handler, this unit includes a DRI STEEM Vapor-Logic microprocessor based control system humidifier.
The following link goes to the factory website for the humidifier section.
The control section and moisture source are in the foreground of the image above. The black hose takes the moisture to the dispersion tube in the air stream and the unit at the top is the sensor that provides feedback regarding the moisture content of the airstream.
The image above is the upper sensor. The image below is looking in the bottom of the stack at the moisture dispersion tube.
The base of the stack is about 17" square.
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Might be just what you need for your small industrial air cooling and humidification application.
very good-essentially as new. Just removed from a factory. Needs outside source of temperature controlled water.
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