Cleaner, cable/wire ,degreaser, cable manufacturing


Subject: Cleaner, cable/wire ,degreaser, cable manufacturing
This unit was part of a complete cable manufactuing line and is being offered as a self-contained cable degreaser. This unit appears to be a custom made machine without any idenification, so please read the description carefully. The degreaser accepts the cable from the input side, the cable passes through the "wash tunnel" with wash and rinse sections, then a air dry tunnel, then exits the stainless steel cabinet and finally passes through an air wipe to be dried. The tunnel is fed by two ARO diafram pumps. After the fluid is blasted onto the cable it is collected in two catch basins and then it is directed to the two part stainless tank mounted underneath the machine. The overall tunnel section is roughly 6"w x 19" long. The inside of the tunnel is about 5" wide and the height is varied via the plexi-glass air cylinders from a measurement of 0- 1" high. There are "Clean input" and "Dirty Output" quick disconnects on the machine. There are also "bottom suction" and "normal discharge" valves for both systems A and B. The machine apparentley was using Axarel 6100 cleaner. This machine is clean and in very good condition. Please visit our strore to see other cable manufacturing machines. Call .
* Stainless Steel Construction
This is the drying section with air tubes entering the bottom. This is also what the inside of the longer section of the tunnel looks like.