Clausing jakobsen hydraulic surface grinder 10" x 32"


Subject: Clausing jakobsen hydraulic surface grinder 10" x 32"
10" x 32" CLAUSING JAKOBSEN Hydraulic Surface Grinder with Automatic Incremental Downfeed, Model SJ-1032, S/N OP1032 [NEH 250] (New 1985)
Maximum height, spindle center to table
Table longitudinal feed rate, infinitely variable
Automatic cross feed at saddle reversal, infinitely
Automatic vertical feed range, infinitely variable
Vertical feed handwheel reads to
One revolution of vertical feed handwheel equals
Hydraulically actuated longitudinal feed
Rack and pinion longitudinal table drive during manual operation
Hydraulically actuated continuous or intermittent cross feed
Fine adjustment cross feed knob graduated to .0001"
Automatic incremental downfeed actuated throught stepping motor at each reversal of
the saddle for plunge or slot grinding or at each reversal of table for surface
grinding. Downfeed travel is digitally displayed counting back to zero.
Digital display of every .01" movement of downfeed handwheel in both directions. This
system works independently of the autotmatic downfeed.
1/2 H.P. motorized rapid vertical feed up and down of grinding wheelhead
Hydraulically actuated wheel dresser mounted on top to the wheel spindle permitting
straight line dressing of wheels up to 1" wide
10" x 32" O.S WALKER "Interlock" electromagnetic chuck with control (The
Interlock chuck is designed for very low heat emission and thus is used for very
high precision grinding).
Operation and spare parts manuals
External coolant pump and tank
3 H.P. external hydraulic pump and tank
5.5 H.P. spindle drive motor and electrical controls
Machine is wired for 3/60/230 volt operation.
Approximate Dimensions Without Hydraulic Unit:
100" L-R x 66" F-B x 74-3/4" High
(F.O.B. Truck, Hauppauge - Long Island, NY)