Cincinnati monoset tool & cutter grinder


Subject: Cincinnati monoset tool & cutter grinder
Cincinnati Monoset Tool & Cutter Grinder
Cincinnati Tool & Cutter Grinder
Serial No. 31521C5V-31 New 1969
Workhead Swing Over Main Slide: 12"
Distance Between Spdl. Nose & Tailstock Ctr.: 6"
Workhead Max. Collet Diameter: 1.25"
Grinding Wheel Speed: 4000, 5729 & 8000 RPM
Min. Lead Generated by Lead Mechanism: 1.81"
Workhead Longitudinal Slide Movement: 5.75"
Workhead Cross Slide Movement: 5.25"
-Cross Slide Front of Center: 3"
-Cross Slide Rear of Center: 2.25"
Workhead Turntable Swivel: 235 Degrees
Workhead Vertical Tilt: 80 Degrees
-Above and Below Center: 40 Degrees
Workhead Spindle Rotation: 360 Degrees
Wheelhead Longitudinal Slide Movement: 6"
Wheelhead Cross Slide Movement: 7.5"
Wheelhead Vertical Slide Movement: 9.5"
Workhead Spindle Speed: 436 RPM
Machine Weigh, Approx.t: 1550 lbs
1/3 HP Spindle Motor 220/440/3/60
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