Cincinnati milacron linear coordinates pick&place robot


Subject: Cincinnati milacron linear coordinates pick&place robot
Cincinnati Milacron Linear Coordinates Pick & Place Robot 48 by 10 by 24" travel plus end rotation. CMR AT-24 robot with FX2-4SMT controller and MTA-250 pendant
This robotic mechanism was used for unloading an injection molding machine in a clean environment that made contact lenses. It was cantilevered above the IM machine.
We are missing the top of the pendant power switch but have ordered a replacement.
The maximum travel side-to-side in the image above is about 48 inches. In and out of the image is about 10 and up and down is about 24 inches of travel.
The image above shows an array of pneumatic air valve solenoids on the back of the unit.
The images below show the end of the third axis arm. The cylinder rotates the end block to which one would mount their end-effector.
CMR AT-24 robot with FX2-4SMT controller and pendant.
The image above shows the cords coming out of the controller unit.
The image below shows the 6 bolts where the whole unit mounted to a pedestal between the robot and the molding machine that it cantilevered out over.
As this was an overhead mount, the red warning light for when the arm is in motion is mounted on the underside of the unit.
Estimated raw weight is 588 pounds for both parts.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your automated unloading of a small parts manufacturing machine. application.
Condition looks excellent used. We just got it from a factory that closed. It was already removed from the injection molding machine when we first saw it. We do not have any documentation for it at this time.
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