Cincinnati milacron T3-776 robot arm ~5000 pounds 6-axi


Subject: Cincinnati milacron T3-776 robot arm ~5000 pounds 6-axi
Cincinnati Milacron T3-776 Robot Arm ~5000 pounds.
This is one relative huge industrial robot with controller. There are supposed to be 6 axis of servo motion-there are 5 big servo motors that can be seen-the sixth being hidden in the base. Rated load is 150 pounds although it sure looks like it could handle a lot more at reduced speed. It can reach out 100 inches and reach up to 139". Rated speed is 40 inches per second. While the company that made this is no longer around, there are a lot of these and information and parts seem to be relatively readily available.
Check out the following link for specification details:
Rebuilt Cincinnati Milacron Industrial Robots
Check out the size of the servo motor drives on this thing.
Someone rather unceremoniously chopped off the wires between the robot and the controller. While boringly laborious it should not be that hard to reconnect them. The controller weighs about 1500 pounds in addition to the 5250 pounds of the robot arm
The teach pendant is included.
The hour meter shows only 2116 hours-this look consistent with the appearance of everything.
This controller includes a McClean Midwest Electronic Enclosure Heat Exchanger.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your big industrial robot arm application.
Condition looks good older weathered with relatively little actual use. Hour meter shows only a small fraction of the hours one would expect one of these units to operate. This is your chance to get this item at the lowest price as we have not yet collected documentation or attempted to power it up. Once we do, the price will increase if not already sold.
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