Cimarron 8' 3 point rotary mower


Subject: Cimarron 8' 3 point rotary mower
Brand New, Top Quality Cimarron Model 8102, 8' Rotary Mower for Tractors with Category 2, 3-point hitches & 540 RPM pto's.
* Cimarron mowers are specially made for our supplier by Howse, and are a great solution to the usual high prices of 8' rotary mowers!
* Cimarrom mowers have heavy guage steel construction with Heavy Duty Gear Boxes.
* Weight of the Model No 8102 is 1565lbs!!! - compare the construction & weight to other 8' rotary Mowers, then compare the price of ONLY $2799.00!!! - You wont find a better mower even at twice the price!!!
* Plus, we are glad to say that Cimarron Mowers are MADE IN THE USA!!!
* Standard features include;
* 8' 3 Point Dual Wheel Mower.
* Flexible three-point hitch design to allow the mower to follow the contour of the ground while minimizing the stress placed on the tractor and mower.
* Laminated tailwheels are standard on the lift-type unit to reduce the chance of scalping on uneven terrain.
* Chains Deflectors, only $399.00.