Christie lcd xga 3500 lumen proj w/ lens demo - LX34


Subject: Christie lcd xga 3500 lumen proj w/ lens demo - LX34
Digital LCD Projector for Quietly Confident Presentations
The Christie LX34 LCD digital projector is a quiet performer that provides bright, bold, life-like images in a compact, flexible package. With optional ChristieNET™ network connectivity and a full suite of lenses, it’s the ideal cost-conscious integration solution.
The Christie LX34 delivers 3500 ANSI lumens from a 30dB whisper-quiet package. New progressive scan video reproduction improves the playback of moving images using a 2-3 pull-down for better resolution. Sophisticated digital image processing ensures the images you see on screen are bright, crisp and free of noise and distortion.
Vertical lens shift and digital keystone correction provide picture-perfect placement of your image. Input compatibility ranges from analog and digital RGB data up to SXGA resolution and video sources from composite through 1080i HDTV with a digital DVI connection for the latest HD video sources.
* High performance - 3500 ANSI lumens
* High-quality - progressive-scan video reproduction
* Ease of use - vertical lens shift, digital keystone correction
* Easy to share - compact and lightweight
* Compatible with the latest HD video sources
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