Christen roll o-matic production drill point grinder


Subject: Christen roll o-matic production drill point grinder
Model No. Roll-O-Matic, Type 01-3, Serial No. 181
This machine uses two grinding wheels, one for secondary and one for primary relief angles.
It is ideal for high precision high production regrinding & resharpening of 2 & 4 facet drill points
The drill holder is mounted on a slide and is automatically (via cam action) traversed between each wheel.
Point Angles for Right Hand Drills: 80 - 180
Point Angles for Left Hand Drills: 90 - 180
Secondary Relief Angle: 0 - 40
Travel of Cross Slide(Wheel Head): 1 3/16"
Travel of Longitudinal Slide(Drill Holder): 1 1/8"
Grinding Wheel Size: 4" Dia. X 1/2"
Grinding Wheel Speed: 2700 RPM
Feed Rate of Grinding Slide, Variable: 0-60 In/Min
Drill Output Per Hour: 100-200 Drills
Air Pressure Required: 50-60 PSI
Cam Operated Mechanical Long. Slide Travel
Bijur Spraymist Coolant System
Work Collet Holder with Collet
1/4 HP Work Drive Motor ~ 220/3/60
(2) 1/2 HP Grinding Wheel Drives
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