Cholestech ldx analyzer system


Subject: Cholestech ldx analyzer system
Cholestech's LDX System uses a single drop of blood on a disposable test cassette and takes just five minutes to generate a lab-accurate, comprehensive measurement of a patient's cholesterol levels. The speed and ease of the LDX System enables doctors to counsel patients at the time of the test - a tremendous therapeutic advantage over traditional lab testing and a more convenient option for patients.
The LDX System can measure a patient's lipid profile (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, blood glucose and ALT (alanine aminotranferase) - a test that assesses liver function in patients on certain drug therapies, such as statins. These simple tests can be used to determine a patient's risk for heart disease or to regularly monitor patients already undergoing treatment for these conditions.
* A small, portable footprint (21cm x 12cm) for easy tabletop usage and storage
* System includes an easy-to-use printer that provides duplicate copies of test-results - one for you and one for the patient.
* Lightweight design ideal for office and other point-of-care applications
* Factory calibrated, with easy and inexpensive software upgrades
* Fast, 3-step procedure saves time, enhances productivity
* Requires only a single drop of blood froma a simple fingerstick
* Provides immediate feedback for on-the-spot adjustment of therapy and improved patient compliance
* It's the only CLIA-waived system of its kind and meets all relevant National Cholesterol Education (NCEP) guidelines for precision and accuracy
* It's CRMLN certified. This certification validates that the system consistently meets the Gold Standard for accuracy and reproducibility developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the measurement of total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol consistent with National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) analytical goals.
Unit Inlcudes: Printer, optic check cassette, e-manuals/manuals and training video.
Free Starter Kit! 200 capillary tubes/plunger and lancets.
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