Chocolate compact coater - tempering machine


Subject: Chocolate compact coater - tempering machine
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" Belgian chocolate has been the food of champions , a lure for lovers , the indulgence of the rich and later, the favorite of the masses ."
• 11 feet total length (3.4 m)
• No air or water connections
• Power - Two 20 AMP, 120 volt circuits Units can be
supplied to meet other electrical requirements
• Compact. Fits into small spaces
This Compact Coater offers big coater efficiency and consistency at an economical price. The unit solves the small store's concern about quality, consistent output, low maintenance and profitable production.
The Compact Coater is precision designed for production of up to 600 pounds per day. Everything you need to coat chocolates of exceptional, consistent quality is included in this attractive unit. There's no need for separate melting or tempering units.
The Compact Coater automatically and continuously melts, tempers, coats, and cools any type of chocolate coating - quickly and efficiently, even with inexperienced operators.
Designed to be affordable, this advanced coater meets the most critical demands for dependability and improved production efficiency of the smaller volume producer.
Coater - assures a continuous supply of properly tempered chocolate - dry air heating (no water jacket) allows temperature control to within 1 degree F - auxiliary heaters maintain chocolate temperature in the curtain and coating belt - variable speed shaker enables precise control of coating thickness - detailer removes "tails" as pieces transfer to cooling belt. A double curtain provides extra coating for larger pieces, and assures perfect coating of all pieces.
Cooling Tunnel - provides thorough cooling of all pieces - coated centers will be cooled within five minutes, ready for packing as they leave the tunnel - precise control of cooling temperature and humidity assures chocolates with the highest luster.
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