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Subject: Chiropractic x-ray equipment / system - xray
Americomp, Inc. AC1 17" Chiropractic X-Ray System.
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Up for sale is a factory new Americomp, Inc. AC1 17" Chiropractic X-Ray System with Spectra 325e X-Ray Generator.
High reliability starts with good engineering. Using years of x-ray design experience, the SPECTRA 325e is a generator of extreme reliability. Suitable for the most discerning clinic, private office or hospital, the SPECTRA 325e is an exceptional product that will increase the reliability and performance of any radiographic system and provide years of dependable service.
* Maximum Output is 300 mA at 125 kVp. This generator has the power of a hospital grade unit in a compact form ideal for a clinic or private practice.
SCR Contactor with Back-Up Electromagnetic Safety Contactor opens and closes the tube power circuit at zero voltage, preventing tube damaging voltage spikes.
Tube overload protection circuits alert the user if any technique setting (kV, mA and time) exceeds the tube rating, and prevents an exposure.
Digital mAs reduces user reading error and improves setting accuracy and repeatability.
5 mA Stations (50s, 100s, 150L, 200L, 300L), mA output is precisely controlled through automatic space charge compensation over the entire mA and kVp range.
Digital Timer with 23 Stations (1/120 to 6 seconds) 14 time stations below 1/2 second easily accommodate the use of rare earth intensifying screens.
kVp Range , 40 to 125 kVp, Adjustable in 2 kV Increments.
Two Bucky Selector Switch.
Vinyl Wear-Resistant Control Panel face cleans easily.
Compatible with many A.E.C. Systems.
X-Ray Generator Technical Specifications
Maximum output 300 mA at 125kVp.
kVp range: 40-125 in 2kV steps.
mA range: 50-300, 5 stations.
Digital timer with 23 stations (1/120 to 6 seconds).
SCR contactor with back-up electromagnetic safety contactor.
Tube overload protection circuit.
Wear-resistant control panel.
Audible and visible x-ray exposure indicator.
Receptor indicator (wall, table, non-bucky).
Operator console: 23" x 12" x 46" (225lbs.).
Transformer: 15" x 15" x 23" (250lbs.).
240 VAC, (208-277V) Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, 100 Amp rated line minimum.
Maximum Momentary Line Current: 140 Amps at 240V, not continuous.
Floor-to-wall or ceiling (specify at time of order).
Angulating port-style tubemount.
Angulation dial and operator handles.
This tubestand is specified as a wall mount or ceiling mount at time of order. Five foot tracks and mechanical locks are standard. Options include eight, ten or twelve foot tracks and electric locks.
Travel and Alignment Considerations
Longitudinal travel of Focal Spot is equal to the rail length less 7" at each end. Vertical travel of Focal Spot: 77" maximum, 10" minimum. Distance of Focal Spot from wall (assuming tubestand is wall mounted): 18-7/8".
Minimum ceiling height: 88" (5 foot rails), 89" (all other rails). Ceiling mounting bolt locations: Minimum 1 inch from rear wall. Wall bracket mounting bolt locations: One inch and four inches below top of ceiling rail (minimum ceiling height), each with a minimum pull-out force of 500 lbs. Floor mounting bolt locations: At ends of five foot rail, approximately every 24 inches on other rails, each with a minimum pull-out force of 500 lbs.
Wallstand with Grid Cabinet and Face Plate
17" x 17" grid cabinet with front panel travels from floor to 76".
Specify left or right hand load at time of order.
This wallstand is used with a 17 x 17 inch grid cabinet or 17 x 17 inch bucky. The counterbalanced column can be mounted either flush, or offset from the wall at installation. Specify right-hand or left-hand load at time of order.
Travel and Alignment Considerations
Wall to rear of column: 1/8" (flush) or 1-1/2" (offset). Wall to film plane: 10" (flush) or 11-3/8" (offset). Center of film plane vertical travel: 72-3/4" maximum to 9-3/4" minimum.
Minimum ceiling height: 86" from finished floor. Wall bracket mounting hold centers: Four total, 85" from finished floor. Four wall anchors, each with a minimum pull-out force of 250 lbs. Two floor anchors, each with a minimum pull-out force of 500 lbs.
Regular-duty manual tray with cassette blocker.
10' maxi-flex high voltage cables.
Certified, manual collimator with light field.
103 line 8:1 aluminum grid.
In addition to the above, we will also ask for certification that the purchaser is authorized to either install, own, and/or operate this equipment.
Please note that upon the installation of this equipment, the Food & Drug Administrations form FDA 2579 will need to be completed by the installer and filed with the proper authorities.
Many of your locally employed hospital Biomedical or Radiological Engineers are qualified to do this type of work. If you know one, ask if they would be interested in installing this equipment for you. They provide a great alternative for those of you who do not currently have a local x-ray dealer servicing your account. Just make sure they are registered with the State of PA as mentioned above. If they are qualified but not registered, just ask them to register. The registration process is simple!
In the unlikely event that an item is found to be DOA, the defective item will be exchanged for a like item only. A written Return Authorization from us will be required in advance of the defective item being sent back for exchange.
If a DOA claim is made and the failure is subsequently found to have been caused by improper installation, the item claimed to have been DOA will be returned to you at your expense. These types of failures are the result of improper electrical wiring and/or mechanical installation and are not eligible for DOA exchange.
Parts warranties may be available at additional cost, but this would need to be discussed and mutually agreed upon prior to purchasing.
Installation services along with a parts & labor warranty are available at additional cost for systems installed by us within a 150 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA. This would need to be discussed and mutually agreed upon prior to purchasing.
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