Chicago-pneumatic well earth drill w/mud pump, gmc 4X4


Subject: Chicago-pneumatic well earth drill w/mud pump, gmc 4X4
Chicago-Pneumatic Earth/Well Drill on a 1986 GMC 6500 diesel 8.2 truck 4x4.
CP Drill comes with a National Transit Mud Pump (2 1/4x4 HDPP) with a Ford 4 cyl gas Industrial Engine (model # N08HD) for power. This gas engine powers the Drill, all Hydraulics and the Winch. The unit has 5 20' drill sections (additional drill sections can be purchased anywhere, this is common drill pipe). It also has a good drill bit. There are also many accessories for the mud pump (hoses, clamps, feeder funnel and tools, etc.).
The truck is a 1986 GMC 6500 with a 8.2 diesel engine and an Allison Automatic transmission. The drivetrain is 4x4 and will pull this drill rig to any location or if you drive it in in 2 wheel drive, you know you can get it ouit in 4 wheel drive. It is geared low enough for off road travel and can be driven 55-60 mph on the highway. The truck and drill rig weigh approximately 12,000 lbs. The length is 28' Long, 12' Tall and 8' Wide.
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