Chevalier two-axis cnc/three-axis manual vertical mill


Subject: Chevalier two-axis cnc/three-axis manual vertical mill
CHEVALIER Two-Axis CNC/Three-Axis Manual Vertical Mill,
Model FM-32K, S/N KC865202 (New 1997)
Head tilt, front to rear, each way
Infinitely variable spindle speeds, two ranges
60-550 R.P.M. & 500-4,500 R.P.M.
#3200 MK ANILAM two-axis CNC control with CRT, RS-232 interface, Graphic
Two-axis digital readout during manual operations
SEM DC servo motors on both X & Y axes
ISHAN pressurized lubrication system with timer
Flood coolant pump located in machine column
#3200 MK CHEVALIER part programming and operations manual
3 H.P. 3/60/230-460 volt spindle drive motor and electrical controls
Machine is wired for 230 volt operation.
(F.O.B. Truck, Hauppauge - Long Island, NY)
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