Champion air compressor VR7F-8


Subject: Champion air compressor VR7F-8
Introducing the Champion VR7F-8 Advantage Series compressor. This unit is a great choice for all shop and industrial applications. This compressor features a vertical tank but is also available with a horizontal tank at no additional charge. You will find the features and specs below.
* 23.1 CFM Delivery @ 175 P.S.I.
* 28.7 CFM Dispalcement @ 175 P.S.I
This compressor is available in the following electrical configurations please specify which model best suits your needs:
WARRANTY: This compressor includes the following warranty:
* 5 Year Electric Motor Warranty
* 5 Year Prorated Pump Warranty
Please feel free to call or email us if you need any additional information. We can also process your order by phone if you like.
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