Cell site support cabinet


Subject: Cell site support cabinet
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Match with Nokia GSM Ultrasite Cabinets with reversible transition
Multiple A/C options (Capacity/Mounting)
DC power system and batteryavailable
High Efficiency LED lighting w/door switch
Removable rear access panel (alarmed)
Optional AC Power-100Amp, 200 Amp, Generator Surge Protector
Front door with pad-lockable 3 point latches
1)Eltek Energy Flatpack up to:
2)Eltek Energy TwinPack Plus up to:
Global Excess offers Commercial Transportation with no less than ........
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Unit shown with Top Mount AC Unit
and Optional Eltek Twin Pack Plus Power System
Side Mounted standard A/C Unit
These are standard dimensions. Custom sizes (+or-10%) are offered
at no additional charge when purchased in lots of 10
All items are sold "as-is", with no warranty expressed or implied unless otherwise specifically stated in the listing. All sales are final.
Note: These cabinets now have integrated T.V.S.S. in the AC panel and
we now offer a fully integrated AC panelc of T.V.S.S. and auto transfer generator input.
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