Cecilware orange squeezer OJ100 orange juicer dispenser


Subject: Cecilware orange squeezer OJ100 orange juicer dispenser
The Orange Squeezer, counter model, automatic feed/slice/squeeze, feeder w/6 orange cap., processes 14 oranges per min.(100, 113, 125 or 138 count size), max. cup clearance 6-5/8", disassembles for cleaning, large peel bucket, 120v/60/1-ph
Avoids Long Lines - The orange squeezing process is fast and efficient.
Automatic Feeders - Oranges are automatically fed into the machine quickly and efficiently. Micro-Jagged Slicing Blade - Strong enough to slice through the toughest peel, the Micro-Jagged Slicing Blade aids in the fast and efficient juice extracting stage. Heavy duty stainless steel is combined with sharp uneven blade edges giving you a clean slice through the orange.
Efficient Squeezing Technology - By using a series of high impact plastic convex balls, all the juice is extracted from the orange. This technology assures you with the greatest yield of juice per orange.
Avoid The Bitter Peel Taste - Because the peel never comes in contact with the juice, you will always serve fresh sweet juice without the bitter peel after taste. Large Peel Bucket - Once the juice is extracted, the peels are discarded automatically into the peel bucket.
Compact - Requires minimum counter or floor space.
Safety Cut-out Double Detector System - Safety is number 1 priority with The Orange Squeezers. This system ensures that the machine will stop working once the door opens.
Easy Disassemble and Cleaning - No Tools Required. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe components.
Flow Rate: 24 oz. - 45 oz. per minute
Smallest Footprint: 18 1/2" wide
Ideal for small restaurants or bars
OJ100 - Processes 14 Oranges per minute
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