Cec mass spectrometer electro-magnet parts ++


Subject: Cec mass spectrometer electro-magnet parts ++
CEC Mass Spectrometer Electro Magnet Parts System.
Consolidated Electrodynamics 21-104 Mass Spectrometer.
(There are a whole lot of images here so if this is of interest to you, take a break while they load.)
The magnet assembly shown in the background is extremely heavy (5000#+?) (and top-heavy). It did considerably damage to our trailer when we moved it to the current location.
Not sure this placard applies any more but if you want this outside the US, you are going to have to come up with your own USA Export broker to deal with it.
There are no vacuum parts or pumps with this unit except for the vacuum chamber parts mounted between the magnet poles as shown in the images immediately below.
The images immediately above and below show the vacuum chamber where the beam gets bent by the very strong magnetic field.
We don't know the current (or voltage) the magnets were run at. Each measures about 1.9 ohms via our DMM. The input wire size looks like it would be good for 10 to 30 amps.
As noted previously, the blue magnet section imaged above and below is extremely (top) heavy. The squareish C shaped part is solid steel. The big round electromagnet winding sections are mostly copper wire with metal pole sections inside.
The images that follow are of the short 19" rack mount cabinets that hold the control electronics. Again, we don't know how complete these are. There generally do not appear to be cables for connecting things together.
The two items above are labeled "Vacuum Gauge Control" and "Ion Current Amplifier Control".
The item above is labeled "Ion Current Monitor" and the one below "Electron Multiplier Control".
The item above is labeled "Ion Source Control" and the one two images down "High Voltage Controller".
This is one really serious electro magnet for the person who has the facilities to safely handle it!!!!
Other ancillary or related items maybe listed separately or available on request.
Condition looks used, dusty and a bit weathered but functional with reassembly and maintenance. Not sure what is and is not here for a complete system. Thus sold as a parts unit only.
Sold as-is. What you see is what you get (unless otherwise noted). We are in the Desert Southwest so items may need dusting/cleaning when they arrive.cavlon99
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