Caterpillar 6,000 lb electric forklift


Subject: Caterpillar 6,000 lb electric forklift
You are looking at a Caterpillar electric forklift truck. This machine runs and operates well. Comes equipped with drive lights, backup alarm and strobe. Hand brakes and horn work. No leaks on the ground. Brakes are good. This machine is ready to use.
Issues with this truck: Battery only comes up to a 50% charge. This would be fine for light usage but not for runnig an 8 hour shift. We use it around the shop with only periodic charging.
Lowered overall height is 88".
Length not including forks is 88".
Feel free to call us toll free at and ask for Hal or Ron. Or, you can stop by our location near Greenville SC for a test drive.