Cat MC30 drum barrel forklift 530 hours side-shift&sqez


Subject: Cat MC30 drum barrel forklift 530 hours side-shift&sqez
CAT MC30 drum barrel forklift 530 hours side-shift & squeeze.
We have not done any touch-up paint.
We feel that the 530 hours shown on the meter is probably accurate.
the meter does work. The battery is 36 volts.
We don't have a proper key for the unit at this time but most any key works after a fashion.
The Commander GNB III battery looks good as used forklift batteries go.
The missing chunk from one rear tire can be seen in the image above.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your serious barrel, drum or cylinder mover application.
Condition looks very good-the best surplus forklifts we have had. Known defects at this time include split seat cushion, broken voltage meter glass and chunk out of rear tire rubber. The scuffs and signs of usage seem consistent with the 500 hours on the meter. Overall weathering is modest for this climate. We did not get a charger with this unit. We do have 3-phase chargers available separately. The battery is functional and we are running the unit around. After sitting for two weeks, the battery still shows in the green.
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