Carruthers 2D auto slicer


Subject: Carruthers 2D auto slicer
Carruthers Two Dimensional Automatic Slicer
The auto slicer is a one, two or three-dimensional food slicing machine constructed of stainless steel and food grade plastcs that meets USDA and FDA approval. It is designed to provide consistant portion sizes for fresh , tempered, and pre-cooked meat products while providing excellent product appearance. The Auto-slicer accomplishes this task with the following basic components:
This configuration utilizes both the spiral knife and gang knives and cuts in two dimensions, width and length. 1st Dimension = spiral knife, 2nd dimension = gang knifespacing, 3rd dimension =product height.
Upper Conveyor and Lower Conveyor
Belts, Gang and Spiral knives Driven By Seperate Motors