Carrier hvac electric cooling a/c package unit


Subject: Carrier hvac electric cooling a/c package unit
Packaged Electric Cooling Unit - Constant Volume Application
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50TFF units are one-piece electric cooling only units that are prewired and precharged with R-22 (HCFC). Electric heat is available as a field-installed accessory. The units are factory tested in the cooling mode. They are rated in accordance with ARI Standards 210 (004-012 sizes) and ARI 360 (014 size), designed in accordance with UL Standard 1995, and listed by Underwriters' Laboratories.
* Units are listed by UL and UL, Canada, certified by ARI.
* Downflow to horizontal convertible for slab mounting.
* SEERs up to 9.7. EERs to 9.2.
* Scroll compressors with internal linebreak overload protection. (TFF007 & TFF014)
* Single compressors on 3-6 ton sizes.
* Dual compressors on 7-1/2 to 12-1/2 ton sizes.
* Tool-less filter access door.
* Copper tube aluminum fin coils with optional corrosion resistant coils.
* Low-pressure/loss of charge, freeze protection and high pressure switches on all units.
* Pre-painted exterior panels and primer coated interior panels tested to 500 hours salt spray protection.
* Belt drive evaporator-fan motors with adjustable pulleys.
* Permanently lubricated evaporator fan motor.
* Acutrolâ„¢ refrigerant metering system.
* Single point electric connections.
* Thru-the bottom power entry capability standard.
* Two-inch disposable return air filter.
* 24-volt control circuit protected with resettable circuit breaker.
* Exclusive non-corrosive composite condensate pan in accordance with ASHRAE 62-Standard, sloping design. Provides side or center drain.
* Full perimeter heavy gauge base rail with built-in rigging adapters and fork truck slots.
* Operation performance documentation provided from run test.
* Automatic changeover when used with auto-changeover thermostat.
* Low outdoor temperature cooling operation to 25° F.
* Maximum outdoor temperature cooling operation to 115° F
* Condenser motors are totally enclosed with permanently lubricated bearings.
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