Cargocaire desiccant dehumidifier hcd-600 cfm munters


Subject: Cargocaire desiccant dehumidifier hcd-600 cfm munters
CargoCaire Desiccant Dehumidifier HCD-600 CFM
Process Air: Flow rates of 300-1125 scfm. Nominal moisture removal; 16lbs/hr at 75 degrees F, 50% RH at 600 scfm. Delivered air moisture level of -40 degrees F dewpoint and lower are attainable. This machine has 52 testing hours of use in a trade show.
Excellent condition, almost brand new.
There are two tags on this machine with serial numbers, voltage and model numbers. One is on the electric motor and the other one is on the jet pump.
These machines usually come with a factory tag which provides model and serial numbers. As this unit has been used for a trade show by the factory, when I got it, it had plexiglass covering some of the controls, instead of aluminum plates. This was done for demonstration purposes. I suspect that's where the tag was located. If you are familiar with this machine, you may recognize the model. Spec sheets can be viewed next to the photos. The price has been adjusted accordingly.
The one on the electric motor reads:
Brand name: Toshiba International, Inc., Made in the USA
High Efficiency 3 phase Induction, Motor Model B0022FLF2AM01
HP 2, Duty Cont., Encl: TEFC, Ins Class F, Nema des: B, Nema Code K, SF 1.15
Volt 230/480, AMP 5.6/2.8, RPM 3450, Max Amb 40◦ C.
The tag on the Jet Pump reads as follows,
Century AC Motor, Cat H194, HP 1.0, Volts 200-230/460, Amp 3.2-3.0/1.5, RPM 3450,
Hz 60, PH 3, SF 1.15, Part 8-159317-01, Ins Class B Encl TE, Code L,
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