Cappuccino grinder granita panini machine package


Subject: Cappuccino grinder granita panini machine package
Exclusive Coffee House Package
If you are about to open or you have plans to open a coffee house in the future that rivals anything in the area including starbuck then this is the package for YOU. You will get two 3 group lamarzocco (originally costing over $20,000.00 for both) totally refurbished and rebuilt through our 100 points checklists. The machines will come furnished with a Mazzer grinder each. Of course, the coffee house will need to serve panini and for that we have a Panebella (originally costing over $2,000.00) double press also totally refurbished. The coffee house would not be completed if it didnot have a granita machine and what better than a dream granita machine(originally costing almost $3,000.00).
This Pacakge also includes following accessories and products CLICK HERE!!
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