Canon image runner,IR2270,copier,fax,printer,scan ready


Subject: Canon image runner,IR2270,copier,fax,printer,scan ready
2005 model!Easy to use! (had low usage)See actual pictures!!!
83k copies only made on this one!
copier/printer/fax, mailboxes,duplex(two sided)ID codes and more..
Ready to go! ir227000 Great condition!
M-F 8:30AM to 4:30PM Pacific time .
compare to a similar new one from canon dealers direct for over $10,500!!!for more
It was tested by a CanonTech and makes great copies..We pick up the lowest meter and best ones available!
Many great features like: image combination (8pages on 1),job build (more than 1000 pages could be scanned through the feeder 50 at a time) ect....
We sell mostly Toshiba,Sharp and Canon machines!!! All models!!!
Important things you need to know:
1- We sell our machines as they come in without tampering with meter or parts(other vendors change meter reading and promote their products with ridiculous low price and false low meters so they can sell them faster (it is unethical)
3- Our prices are not toolow but fair (when it looks too good to be true may be it is not, so be carefull)
1100 Sheets Paper Supply(2 cassettes)+50 sheets bypass
Network printing/scanning (need to be activated)
Digital, Multifunction Imaging System
100 (with UFR II Printer Kit-E3 or UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2)
Dual 550-sheet Paper Cassettes (1,100 Sheets)
Standard Automatic Trayless Duplexing
10 Seconds or Less from Sleep Mode
15 Seconds or Less from Main Power Off
30 Seconds from Main Power Off ( WithUFR II Printer Kit-E3 or UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2)
Automatic or Manual (9 levels)
Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder-N1 (Optional)
Up to 45 Images per Minute (ipm)
50 Sheets (20 lb. Bond/Letter)
Cassette Feeding Unit-Y2 (Optional)
Dual 550-sheet Paper Cassettes
Envelope Feeder Attachment-C1 (Optional)
Inner 2-Way Tray-D1 (Optional)
Group Mode: 1,000 Sheets (Letter, Statement)
500 Sheets (11" x 17", Legal, Letter-R)Staple Mode:1,000 Sheets/30 Sets (Letter)
500 Sheets/30 Sets (11" x 17",Legal, Letter-R)
(11" x 17", Legal, Letter, Letter-R)
Finisher-S1 with Additional Finisher Tray-B1 (Optional)
Staple Mode: 300 Sheets/30 Sets per Tray (Letter)
150 Sheets/per Tray (11" x 17",Legal, Letter)
Group Mode: 300 sheets per tray (Letter, Statement)
150 sheets per tray (11"x17", legal, letter)
Puncher Unit-R1 (Option for Finisher-S1)
Super G3 Fax Board-Q1 (Optional)
Image Memory: Approx. 8,000 Pages
UFR II Printer Kit-E3, UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2 (Optional)
UFR II/PCL Printer Kit-E2: PCL 5e, PCL 6, UFR II
Standard: RJ-45 (10/100Base-T), USB 2.0 High-speed
Other Optional Accessories and Utilities
Wireless LAN Kit (Available 2H-2005)
Removable HDD Kit (Available 2H-2005)
Copy Tray-J1 (Option for Inner 2-Way Tray and Finisher-S1)
· Garanteed against DOA. Each unit is inspected and tested by a qualified technician to insure that all options(copier only)and features are properly functioning and passes a copy.
We recommend contacting local dealers for all IT support for the latest software.
· Copiers are delicate office equipment and may require a technician to set up and/or make minor adjustments upon arrival due to the vibration during the delivery process.