Canon fpa 1550MIV g-line stepper


Subject: Canon fpa 1550MIV g-line stepper
Comments: serial number 003141MIV Install date: Aug 91 Deinstall: Feb 99 Service: Canon Align & Expose Process wafer handler 6in. type 2/reticle size 5in. type 2 Software Vers. 3.26G Altitude: 600 meters CTC Temp: Lens: 22.5Deg.C-Booth: 21.0Deg.C-Stage: Deg. 23.0C Features: 20mm-square projection screen size NA (numerical aperture)-0.52 Resolution exposure-0.5 micron Manuals: Operation-Maintenance-Parts catalogue are available. Major retrofit history: N/A Stand-alone equipment Parts: Main body plus reticle changer and illuminator Consol rack Control rack PD-box Main chamber unit Roof unit Sides and front panel Ducts and covers Cables Laser box unit HP Color monitor keyboard and printer