Candy/bulk food/ice cream/yogurt business opportunity


Subject: Candy/bulk food/ice cream/yogurt business opportunity
An incredible opportunity to be in a cash business for yourself!
Bulk candy or bulk foods = more profit and higher average unit sales.
Make an impact in your store with this fixturing and count the sales $$ as they roll in.
This set up was originally used in a candy store. But you can even set it up as a natural food store and sell bulk grains, nuts, flour, etc. Throw in the soft serve machine and sell yogurt cones or smoothies!
All fixtures and equipment is in excellent shape and ready to produce sales $$ for you. They were bought new in 2003 and in use until July of 2006.
A package like this would normally cost $50,000.You will save over $30,000 by purchasing this package. Make a return on your investment in just a few short months. You won't find a better opportunity.
The fixturing takes up only 147 sq. feet of selling space. Perfect for stores with a smaller square footage. You can make the most productivity from your selling space
The "L" shaped unit is a free standing unit and is housed with its own rack system. Beneath the scoop bins are storage drawers to hold additional inventory. Included is a corner shelf to enhance display of retail packaged products.
The center unit is three pieces that fit together. Two sides house scoop bins, while side number three has slat wall display, and side four is a deep shelf display.
Types of bins and quantity of each:
Radeus; 8x13 scoop quantity 84
Radeus 8x17 scoop quantity 18
Radeus 6x24 gravity quantity 34
All cabinetry is laminate and highly durable.
Store Package also includes the following equipment:
Cash Register (1) Sharp XEA401
Taylor Freezer Soft Serve, single barrel, water cooled machine with a Flavor Burst attachment. You get 9 flavors out of one machine! Talk about Profits! Serve Ice Cream cones, Milk Shakes(spinner included) and high priced Novelty Coffee Drinks like Cappuccino Freezes, Iced Latte's, Smoothies and many others.
You may email me with any questions. I have dimensions and layout information that will help you arrange this fixturing for your store