Cambro portable hand sink cart, self-contained KSC402


Subject: Cambro portable hand sink cart, self-contained KSC402
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Size: 40-9/16" L x 32-1/2" W x 47" H
The Cambro Hand Sink Cart hosts a two compartment stainless steel sink and runs cold water and hot water up to 140 deg. F. Using the two 5 gallon fresh water tanks and two 7-1/2 gallon refuse tanks the Hand Sink Cart provides approximately 70 hand washings. The tanks are easy to insert or remove for emptying and refilling. The hot water heater has a 2-1/2 gallon capacity and heats water in 10 minutes. Paper towel holder and soap dispenser are included.
Hand Sink Cart is designed for hand washing. It contains no filter for purifying water for drinking.
Water heater and water pump draw a maximum of 11.25 amps and 0.7 amps, respectively. Hand Sink Cart electrical system runs on an average 10 amps.