Camattini prototype injection vacuum molding casting


Subject: Camattini prototype injection vacuum molding casting
For Polyurethane & Epoxy Resins - Ideal For Prototype Work
It is complete with 2 injection guns, thermal blanket, hoses, tube cutter, mixing tubes, empty cartridges and quite a few full resin and hardener cartridges along with other bits and pieces to get you started. Resin and harderner cartridges alone cost nearly $500.00. They are premeasured and de-aired eliminating prep time, are capable of multi shots and provide repeatable precise mechanical properties.
This machine has a large vacuum chamber at 38 inches wide, 24.8 inches deep and 16.9 inches tall. It is capable of degassing allowing for use of mixtures in bulk and providing excellent clarity in the finished product. Protomix resins are available in pre measured tubes, in a variety of finished hardnesses and colors including clear.
Condition of this machine is excellent. There is no damage other than some light wear and some spilled resin. This machine functions just as it should. One of the guns will need a new pressure gauge but this is not an expensive item and is available at most any tool store. This machine is ready to use with the only requirements being 110 Volt AC power and 115 to 145 lbs compressed air.
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