Calcine chamber soil remediation burner


Subject: Calcine chamber soil remediation burner
The calcine chamber assembly consists of the following parts: 1. Calcine chamber shell, complete with insulation, refractory, gaskets, mounting hardware, and the attached parts listed below; 2. Nine (9) U-tube radiant heaters, complete with burners, recuperators; 3. One (1) stainless steel fluidized bed (distribution) plate with integral orifice tubes; 4. Two (2) lower access hatches to enable the bed to be cleaned out; 5. One (1) calcine chamber cover, complete with integral soil inlet, gas outlet, & two holes for observation ports; 6. Four (4) observation ports with wide viewing area - 3 straight and 1 angled to view the bed; 7. Eight (8) thermocouples plus 2 additional unused connections for later use; 8. One (1) soil outlet double dump valve with pneumatic cylinder actuators; 9. One (1) soil level sensor connected to the soil outlet double dump valve; 10. One (1) upper access hatch including a hinge door; 11. One (1) soil inlet isolation valve with pneumatic cylinder actuators; 12. One (1) soil inlet expansion joint; 13. One (1) soil feeder/auger and bin; 14. Two (2) soil level sensors in the soil feeder bin to sense high and low soil levels; 15. Structure to support the feeder, and a ladder to provide access to top of cover; 16. One (1) integral gas inlet connection at the bottom of the calcine chamber.
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