CO2 veterinary surgical laser--jz-1B


Subject: CO2 veterinary surgical laser--jz-1B
30w Digital Veterinary Surgical Laser
Have FDA Accession Number and CE Certificate
Wave Length of the Laser Beam: 10.6μm
Range of Output Power: 1~30w, adjustable
Laser Output Mode: focusing, defocusing, diffuse beam
Focal Length of Working Heads: f=100mm
Conducting Beam: red diobe laser (650nm, 2mw)
System Control: microcomputer control
Smoke Emission: smoke-blowing system inside
Light Emission: footboard control switch
Display: industrial man-machine interface with digital color display
Light Conducting System: 7-joint torsion-spring articulated arm (6 kinds of working heads)
Cooling Mode: built-in circulating water cooling
Working Mode: continuous: 1~30w, stepper adjustable each 1w
single pulse: opened time be accurately displayed and previewed, 0.01s~2.95s, stepper adjustable each 0.01s
repeated pulse: opened time and closed time be accurately displayed and previewed, 0.01s~2.95s, stepper adjustable each 0.01s
super pulse: modulated frequency of 1000Hz
Ambient Temperature: 5~40℃
The JZ-1B CO2 laser therapy apparatus is a new type of digital medical equipment for surgery developed lately by our corporation. Computer-controlled, the units can perform tens of laser operations such as accurate stripping, cutting and Vaporization of the soft tissues, the process being rapid with little damage to surrounding tissues, little bloodshed and wounds healing faster and better. The smoke-blowing system inside makes operations more clear; switch power with advanced technique steadies the output power; special power-control mode manages operations to their depth and range accurately; light-conducting system guides the laser to any small part; high reliable protecting systems (water shut, over-current shut, over-voltage shut) and consummate design such as door locker, urgent stop, guarantee the safe, reliable and long-life operation of the machine. Functions of both units are on the same level with that of the just type on abroad and their various technical standard data has reached the advanced level at home.
Working with pulses of high-repetition frequency, the power of which can be compressed in time domain to get high top-power and instantaneous high temperature, the JZ-1B has apparent superiority on the cutting and Vaporization of bone disease. In saturation where the continuous energy is needed, operating pulse laser in high- repetition status, the instantaneous high temperature could be gotten and the continuous high temperature could be kept. So the treatment for bone and soft tissue disease could be more effective. When used to treat a same disease, the pulse laser has much lower using-power, more little damage to surrounding tissues and shorter heal time than continuous laser. All these are effects that traditional CO2 laser therapy instruments can’t achieve.
Scope of Application and Treatment
Any moles anywhere on the external surface of the body, such as various types of moles, tumours, surgery, gynecology, dermatology, stomatology, urology, otorhinolaryngology.
All you need is to fill out FDA2877 form to import to USA ,we have FDA accession number
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