C-100-4 label head


Subject: C-100-4 label head
The C-100 stand alone labeler is the highest quality, most accurate label-dispensing head available. It features high-speed, high-torque, direct-drive stepper motor drives and heavy-duty construction throughout. The standard label head includes a 14-inch unwind, precision lateral and vertical positioners as well as adjustments for tilt and skew. The label head is mounted to a welded structural steel mounting pylon through a pivot clamp that allows rotational adjustment affected by a jacking screw. Skew adjustment is provided through the mounting flange that attaches the pivot clamp to the label head. Vertical and horizontal positioning is accomplished by precision acme screws and hand cranks to move the respective carriages.
Performance: Rated for up to 1200 inches label dispensing speed per minute standard.
Accuracy: better than +/- 1/32 inch, subject to product variations.
• High-speed, high-torque, directly-coupled stepper motor requires no regular maintenance; provides unparalleled performance and accuracy. The labeler utilizes the WS Packaging – Automated Systems’ powerful control scheme, which provides programmable acceleration and speed characteristics to help eliminate torn label webs.
• Simple, accurate adjustability in all axes.
• Label Gap Sensor for accurate label dispensing (clear label sensing optional).
• Heavy-Duty construction; built for high usage.
• Easy threading allows quick label roll changeovers.
• NO TOOLS adjusting (other than tilt and skew adjustments that require a single Allen wrench).
• High-capacity unwind permits use of label rolls up to 14 inches in diameter on a standard 3-inch core.